„Space has a way of looking. It seems like it has a presence of vision. When you come into it, it is there, it’s been waiting for you.“
James Turrell
I create images. My professional working universe Electric Gobo is built on architecture, landscape, interior, lighting and design, resulting in a multidisciplinary fusion of several creative disciplines. 
Sincere attraction towards spaces charged with human stories and myths has always been there: from abstract spaces like Turrell light installations, architectural spaces of big cities and small settlements, up to vernacular spaces such as dioramas, tunnels or hidden structures in wilderness, and many more spaces in between. I merge all of them into one visual stream.
Whether AI, CG or DSLR, thorough topical research, creative invention and careful curation of image series is required to control the balance between generative synthesis and human inspiration in the old art and craft of image creation.
Always curious. Let's work together.​​​​​
Axel Groß is an art director and designer specialized in AI / CG and photographic imaging. He was trained in architecture at U Hannover and TU Delft, postgraduated in production design and scenography for film at HFF München. 
He worked in architecture and lighting design for OMA, Pfarré Licht and Schweger+Partner, further as a freelance computer graphics designer for clients such as Autodesk, ERCO, MetaDesign, NVIDIA and Thonet, resulting in 20+ years of professional expertise in design, art direction and CG media production.
Gobo was initially established as a studio space in Schönhauser Allee 182, Berlin in 2003. Today Axel Groß lives and works in Hanover, Germany.