Artificial Intelligence
Generative AI offers a revolutionary toolset, which has a perceivable creative effect on projects: Exploration. AI is not just about making 3D faster and more real, but to try things you never dared try before. Using AI in production well and off the beaten tracks requires skills like deep topological research and large image set curation, and of course keeping up with fast new developments. I offer these skillsets and work actively with AI since 2022.
While AI is challenging current rendering technology, 3D editing will still be around - real world spaces and products are just very specific in dimensions and surfaces. Every photo is photoreal by definition, yet the right spatial mise-en-scène, custom set design, choice of framing and composition, and especially lighting will make the difference. I expert in scenography for virtual sets, interiors and architecture. My belief is all visual generative technology will grow and interleave more and more over time.
Creative Code
Design programming can be valuable if manual creation is not an option. Taking this route, creativity is not put into an image directly, but rather into an algorithm constructing the content with the help of compute. Code can be purely behind the scenes, such as simple custom scripting or tooling, or set focus on UX center stage, such as driving complex graphics and models on a large or small media screen on a trade fair, in a museum, or a mobile or spatial computing app.
Sometimes less is more. No matter what the message may be, picking the most simple form still containing all necessary information often is the most adequate one. Depth, detail, or even color does not always add to the information of importance for the receipient, but can easily clutter the viewers valuable attention bandwidth. In this respect, and, as true with all graphics, decisions have to be carefully implemented on a truly media agnostic case-by-case basis. 
A good concept is about that right creative idea for the task, but it is much more than that: An overall communication, aesthetic and technology framework, and a foundational project guideline in all organizational storms. Thinking about idea and implementation hand-in-hand sounds simple, but will make big a difference, offers options, and always pays off. After many years of 3D branding and production experience, I know how to approach creative concepts theoretical as well as very practical and hands-on.
General Skills
- Structured professional with a clear conceptual set of rules
- Broad and advanced training and interdisciplinary approach
- Creative overview switching between 10.000ft view and details
- Attention and steady effort to keep design coherence
- Fast learner and puts up with being on top of new developments
- Ability to plan and manage complex projects in small teams
- Bauhaus-philosophy of idea and making should go hand-in-hand
- Understanding of both art and cooperate stakeholder ecosystems
- Experience completing projects with minimal direction
- Sense of humor